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  • PoloBot strives to obtain the most profitable market positions for your funds, but does not guarantee any rate nor do we guarantee that offers made will be accepted.
  • All payments made for our premium services are final and will not be refunded.
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Recording of Access

PoloBot maintains records concerning your access to the site. This includes date, time, IP, archives of transactions for the sake of the integrity of the site. This information will be used as by PoloBot as needed.


Users of PoloBot are allowed to use this platform in good faith. If, for any reason or circumstance as judged by PoloBot, a user is found to have defrauded, tricked, or otherwise abused the good faith of this platform, their account will be banned. Banned accounts will lose all access to the platform. Banned Premium users will not receive a refund of any payments made to PoloBot.